Saturday, August 04, 2007

My Summer 07

Its been a busy summer so far; drawing caricatures —at a couple festivals, a few birthday parties and some company BBQ's...then enjoying some fantastic backyard dinner parties with close friends, a week spent de-cluttering the house, a week in a cabin at Sylvan Lake, a Tibetan Buddist meditation retreat, a wonderful birthday celebration for me, and a fantastic, quick trip to Vancouver! Now I have more gift caricatures to draw, the next issue of Birth Issues magazine to finish, a couple more gigs coming up and the Edmonton Folk Fest and then of course getting ready to draw at the Fringe. The next time I turn around I know it will be late August and I will be rushing out to buy school supplies and some new school clothes. When September rolls around, our days of sleeping in and leisurely mornings will be replaced by making lunches and getting 3 kids ready for school. As much as I look forward to the fall, cool nights and golden colours, the summer goes much too quickly for me.