Friday, April 23, 2010

Just a note to let you know about 2 things coming up...

I still have some openings in my
Altered Book workshop
Sunday May 2 - 10-5 pm at the Studio...

We will be creating a book based on the theme
“Finding your Inner French Girl”
Quote from Entre Nous...”The French girl is entirely, unequivocally self-contained. She is focused on living her own full life, following her own agenda and cultivating her actual self, rather than reinventing herself or pining away to be someone she’s not. Throughout her life, she invests herself in learning and experiencing, not to change who she is, but to become more fundamentally and more fully who she truly is”

This workshop is open to any skill level and anyone aged 9+, the most important requirement needed is the desire to play.
$ GST (includes all supplies and some refreshments will be provided)

Also starting May 10th
the studio will be open
every Monday evening from 7-9
for Open studio time.
If you would like to come by and work on your own projects, or to bring a friend who has never been to the studio and is interested in seeing what goes on, or are interested in finding out more about altered book making and art journaling, please come by.
The cost will be $15 for the 2 hours and will work on a drop in basis...but just to be sure there is room, please make a reservation before hand.
Or inquire that day at 780 619-5979 and I can let you know if there is room.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life ought to be a struggle of desire
toward adventures whose nobility will fertilize the soul.

~Rebecca West (1892 - 1983)

How helpless we are, like netted birds, when we are caught by desire!
~Belva Plain

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I just finished a huge commission piece yesterday,
and while I was drawing Piper drew me...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I drew caricatures last night at a STARS Air Ambulance fund raiser in Smokey Lake Alberta. This is the fourth year that I have drawn at that event (in different surrounding communities each year) and am constantly amazed at their community support..... Last night they raised over $49,000.
Here are some of the photos of the people I drew....

Friday, April 09, 2010

The Quirky Art Cafe was "grooving" tonight with 10 year old Madi's "hippy/journaling/caricature" birthday bash ...First off, I drew all the girls while they decorated wooden frames and ate pizza. When that was done, I showed them some art journaling techniques for the new little journals that I had sanded and gessoed for them
....and then let them go wild...
meanwhile I scanned in their pictures and made a group picture to print off... and I was had by all...

Sunday, April 04, 2010

1. authorization granted to do something;
formal consent
I have been thinking a lot about the word permission lately, and how the lack of it in our lives can be a significant hurdle. Of course, there are tangible circumstances at times, that don't allow us to pursue the things we want (as aggressively as we would like), however, at other times, it is only ourselves and our perceptions that stand in the way.

I am talking about that simple (but not always so easy) act of realizing that we actually CAN do those things that we want to do...if we just give ourselves the permission to do so.

If you could...
what would YOU give yourself
the permission to do?

A recent commission I just finished...