Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Celebration of Impermanence & Lightness
New Paintings by Cathy McMillan 

Life is always changing. 
We are always growing, evolving, aging.
Even when we reach a goal or achievement, 
it never really stays in a peaceful state of completeness for long. 

Over the years I have found that true lightness and peace
come from accepting and being present within our various states of incompleteness.

What if we learned to celebrate those stages with others, instead of hiding them away, waiting until they are complete and deemed ready to be publicly displayed?

The paintings in this art show are all at different levels of "completeness"; some blank, some with the structure of the painting roughed on with black paint,  some with the first touches of colour added and finally, others that are finished and ready to be sold. 

This show is a celebration of the beauty that exists within each creative stage.
 Through the next 6 weeks this show will evolve and change daily as new ideas form on the blank canvases, colours appear on the "sketched ones" and the purchased finished ones will leave to make space for new blank canvases.

Show runs April 28th- June 6th.

Artist will be in attendance pretty much the whole time. :)