Sunday, April 29, 2007

What a small world it is...

Last night I was drawing at a wonderful wedding at the Italian Cultural Centre with my talented colleague Susanne Ritchie. It was a rather large wedding with about 500 guests and the funniest part was that over the 5 hours, I kept drawing people that I knew from my own life that were in no way connected to each other (except I guess through the bride and groom)—my dentist (and his wife) from when I was 6 years- 16 years old, a comedian I worked with when I did art for Comedy West back in the late 80's and then the husband of a woman that I played women's league basketball with about 6 years ago.

Sometimes I often wonder as I am drawing someone that if we just talked long enough we would find some common person or connection (at least when I'm drawing in Edmonton).

Yay, it FINALLY really truly feels like spring!

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