Monday, September 29, 2008

The sound of my footsteps...

I spent the last 4 days on the west coast visiting a very good friend—first on Gabriola Island and then in Vancouver. Apart from the great time we had catching each other up on the news in our lives, the thing that was the most amazing for me was the silence on the island. As I walked around her yard and then down on the beach I could so clearly hear my own feet walking through the rocks and crunching leaves. (It was as if the volume had been turned up to 11). It was just the most amazing feeling.

I thought how wonderful it would be if that were how loud the voice inside us sounded all the time, letting us know exactly what we wanted, needed, felt and thought.

Perhaps it really is that loud but like with the footsteps on the island, we have to get away from the distraction and chaos of our lives to hear it that clearly.

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Toni said...

This is my first visit to your blog, which I found through your comment about your hands on Denise's 'something beautiful about you' post. I LOVE what you said, really smiled all through myself. My hands, which are HUGE (I've called them 'paws' all my life) suddenly seemed to glow. Your comment has totally shifted my perspective. I can't wait to peruse your blog later (I'm presently at work) but I wanted to say THANK YOU right away.