Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thank You!

What a weekend! This past three days at the Stop and Shop Show was an amazing experience. I had the privilege to meet hundreds of people and talk about my art, my journals and altered books, my workshops and of course my caricatures. I really enjoyed all the stories that were shared with me about other's joys and struggles with creativity, with time, with journaling, with motherhood and with their art. Thanks so much for stopping by my booth to take a look, for all your kind words and encouragement, and a big thanks for purchasing something if you did. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Then, after a full day at the Show I had a very busy drawing gig at the Delta Inn South, for the University of Alberta, with the talented Rob Guthrie (thanks to my favourite Ohio agent ). It was my first time drawing adults at a long gig since getting back from the convention and I am loving how much my style has developed — feeling more confidence to "kindly" exaggerate and play with the drawings.

The strangest part was that when I heard Christmas music I thought "What are they playing that for?" Oh yeah, this IS a Christmas party. The season is upon us...

Have a great Sunday!

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Tad Barney said...

Thanks for the plug, dear!