Friday, April 17, 2009

Wouldn't it be great if there was a
"creative journaling" studio

You know...a place where people could go...

  • to get inspired
  • to decorate their journal pages
  • to write
  • to make altered books
  • to chat
  • to doodle
  • to spill paint
  • to do life drawing
  • to learn mixed media techniques
  • to read books and magazines about all kinds of art forms
  • to take classes
  • to show off their own art
  • to drink coffee, tea and sometimes wine
  • to have parties and gallery shows
  • to share their thoughts about art and life
(and who knows...maybe even get their caricature drawn)

Well now there is...
Opening SOON
(June 2009)

A place to give your "creativity" a workout on a regular basis.


fromthepines said...


Congrats! I remember you talking about this at artfest. Are you allowed to paint the exterior at all to make it stand out? That would be cool, even like a mural or something...

Keep us updated!


Caricature Girl said...

Hey Cheryl! Thanks! Just got the keys today! No, I can't change the colour of the building but I am getting a large colourful lit up sign for the front. I'll take new pictures when its up!
Great to hear from you.

celeste said...

That's so fabulous. (And a dream of mine too). Wonderful, wonderful! Congratulations -- and I do look forward to seeing the updates along your journey!

lee said...

well since I live in Edmonton, I for sure will be coming.....sounds like my kinda place.

Tad Barney said...

Congratulations Cathy! I think you need to open one in every major (and even not-so-major) city! :)

Caricature Girl said...

Thanks Celeste!

Lee, you can be one of my first customers! :)

...and thanks Tad, perhaps even in Ohio...I'm sure I'll have some free time next month for that.:)

michelle allen said...

this is so exciting!

that is too funny about you almost buying a clock at fireworks. it's a small world!

Meg said...

I'll be there for sure and hey will you need any staff? Because I sure would love to apply.