Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pipes, Piperonie, Pippi, Pip the hip, The Pipester...
I love how you vibrate and squeal with excitement at least 10 times a day.

I love how one of your favourite games is
to "pretend" that I am your "Mom" and that you are my "daughter".

I love how you giggle in your sleep.

I love how you call your grandma and grandpa everyday to make sure they know when Little Bear and Franklin are on because you are sure they watch it even when you aren't with them.

I love how you taped a song for me every night to listen to when I got home from drawing at the Fringe, just in case I missed hearing your voice.

I love the "invisible" friends that visit everyday —Buja and Girl to name a few.

I love how much you like to cuddle and how you assure me that you will ALWAYS want to cuddle with me that much

I love you
Piper Kensington!
Happy 5th birthday!

~love, mom

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