Friday, April 09, 2010

The Quirky Art Cafe was "grooving" tonight with 10 year old Madi's "hippy/journaling/caricature" birthday bash ...First off, I drew all the girls while they decorated wooden frames and ate pizza. When that was done, I showed them some art journaling techniques for the new little journals that I had sanded and gessoed for them
....and then let them go wild...
meanwhile I scanned in their pictures and made a group picture to print off... and I was had by all...


lee said...

I wish that when I was that age, my mum would have thrown me such a cool fun birthday party

Robyn said...


Thank you so very much for the fantastic time !! My daughter Madison loved her birthday party and her friends have been raving about the night.

They loved watching you create the caricatures and learned some new techniques with image transfers and painting. The journals were an instant hit for the girls - they will hold their best kept secrets, doodles and memories for many days to come.

Thank you for your patience with the girls and your talents with the caricatures and journals.

The Hippee Party Mom,