Wednesday, December 01, 2010

"True partnership is only achieved by
separate and whole beings
who retain their uniqueness
even as they unite"

London, England, December 1, 1993.

Happy Anniversary
to the most extraordinary man I have ever known husband Mark.

Thank you honey,
for the fantastic life adventure we've had so far...

from our 'almost' completely secret "backpack style" wedding in London,
with 2 witnesses we barely knew, our $25 wedding rings that we still wear,
and all the photos we took ourselves...

to our great life here....
17 years later,
with these three incredible people we now have in our lives...

Ryllan, Piper and Kieran

The luckiest thing Mark,
I have had happen to me in my life...
was finding you.


Tad Barney said...

Your love of life and people is truly an inspiration Cathy

Tony Mac said...

Wow Cathy I agree you are inspirational and have a beautiful family x

Caricature Girl said...

Thanks guys! :)