Thursday, January 13, 2011

Everything in life happens for a reason.

You know, I have pretty much believed that statement my whole life.
That is,
up until exactly a year ago,
when my brother in law Danny died of Cancer at the age of 57.
And for the past year now, I have tried to figure out the "reason" for it,
desperately wanting to put some justifiable swing on it,
that could make sense to me, in my life...
I haven't found any.

I ammended my philosophy to

Everything in life happens for a reason,

except for those things that don't.

The one thing I have to say is,
that I think of Danny everyday now,
since he died.
He is a constant reminder to me of just how short life can be,
and how important it is to really LIVE while we are alive.

Perhaps not everything in life
needs a reason for WHY it happens,
but if we can take what happens
and attach some positive meaning to it
and to our own lives because of it...
then maybe it gives it a reason for happening.

This is a poem I wrote to Danny a year ago,
late one night just before he died, because well...
I really didn't know what else to say.....

What DO you say to someone you love who is
quickly nearing the end of their life at 57 years old?

I really don't know.

But scanning in my daughter's drawings
and writing a cheezy Dr. Suess "like" poem
felt right tonight
and gave me something to do
with the waves of sadness.

Goodbye Danny
a "GREAT" bye for you,
(as great a bye as I could do).

Goodbye Christmas tree
Goodbye smile

Hello tears all single file

Goodbye arms that held you tight

Hello memories, shining light.

Goodbye Danny, love you—I do!
Hello heart that's missing you.
Love, Cath

Thanks to my little Piper for all her drawings in this goodbye to her uncle Danny

I miss you Danny.
January 2011


Artist Laurel Hawkswell said...

The poem is awesome but the fabulous drawing put it over the top to perfect. How wonderful, touching and priceless.

Tad Barney said...


Caricature Girl said...

Thanks Laurel and Tad. :)

Tad Barney said...

Magen posted this on her FB page tonight:

"I prefer not to think of life in terms of "everything happens for a reason," but rather find reason in everything that happens"

I referred her to this blog post.

Katherine and Virginia said...

Hi. You don't know me. I'm an art student in college, and I found your blog maybe a year ago. You inspire me. I felt like looking at my bookmarked blogs tonight, and after reading some of your latest entries, I've decided you inspire me in many more ways than your art. I really, really would love to strongly suggest that you read a book (it's a QUICK READ, all I know have finished it in a day or 2) called "The Message" by Lance Richardson. Look it up on Amazon. This blog entry made me really want to share this with you. Thanks for sharing all your words and talent and feelings and thoughts. And your art. Your friend, a fellow artist.