Sunday, May 03, 2009

The act of reaching a conclusion or making up one's mind.
For me, making a decision is a relatively simple but timely procedure...
It just has to feel right.
Thats it.
It doesn't matter if its logical or reasonable.
When the right solution appears, I know it instantly.
However, I have to admit that during the indecision time,
I can get really cranky
(especially the longer it takes to find the right solution).

This is my process.
Its the way that I approach my painting, my design work, my parenting and basically...
my life.

I never realized just how many decisions are involved with opening a new commercial studio space. Every night I feel the "overload" alarm in my brain going off
(which fortunately is silenced easily by red wine).
Even with the essence of overwhelm wafting through the air,
its very exciting,
especially every time I realize that it can be
"Whatever I want it to be".

I have been working so hard on the new studio space!
One short week ago it was a completely blank canvas
and now it has...
  • a floor plan,
  • a flow plan (how things will work there)
  • a colour scheme (warm colours),
  • second hand wooden dining tables and chairs (costing me only $45 in total),
and is starting to have the feel of the most inspiring little cafe that you could imagine.
I have always loved the feel of funky little cafes. When I personally want to go out and write or draw in my journal the first thing I think of is some cool little cafe, so I wanted to combine and recreate the essence that I have found in all my favorite cafes around the world.
...and its getting there!

This is the part I know that might confuse a lot of people.
It FEELS and looks like a cafe but its an art studio cafe, not a regular kind of cafe.
You don't come to eat, you come to create!

For instance...on the tables are
  • the condiments—fluid acrylics and gel medium,
  • the place settings—paint rags with scissors, glue sticks and paint brush and a glass filled with paint sponges.
The most exciting thing today was to be at the studio measuring the dimensions for the new front bar counter and the reception counter with my Dad, who will be building it for me. He loves building and refinishing things and I can't tell you how thrilled I am that my Dad is here taking part in this new entrepreneurial adventure with me. He is the person I genetically received the entrepreneurial spirit from. 35 years ago he started his own locksmith company with a couple of friends and it was a very successful company. Then, when he wanted to change things up a bit he had the courage to sell his part of it and go travel Canada in a Winnebago with my Mom. When they arrived back home 6 months later he began to do something completely different.

Since his renewed health, due to his double lung transplant, I don't take any time with my parents for granted, and the fact that my little studio will have his wood work means more to me than anything else in there.

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Tad Barney said...

I am SO there...someday.