Monday, May 18, 2009

A Weekend in the HOT Sun!
I just got home last night from San Jose, California
where I attended a journaling workshop
taught by Teesha and Tracy Moore.
This was the cover of the journal I made in the workshop... I enjoyed the workshop,
particularly my conversations with Joanne Burkett
(a wonderfully generous person and talented artist),
but I have to admit,
the highlight of my weekend
was definitely being able to visit
with my brother and stay at his house.
We are very close
and chat almost everyday on our macs
but don't get to see each other or spend time together that often.

I arrived in San Jose Thursday night
and Friday morning I woke up
into one of the best days of my life.
This is where I sat and drank my morning latte
with my journal/sketchbook...
and this is the view from that chair...
I had the whole day to draw,
glue in sketches (of the people I drew in the airports on the way down),
write and swim, (and repeat... many times)
...until I went to the workshop at 5 pm.

Here are a some pages of that day...
and here I am being all Californian in the convertible,
on my way to the workshop on Saturday
when the temperature reached 100 degrees.

Now I am back in Edmonton already
and it is snowing here today...


Joanne Burkett said...

I was so touched to read your sweet comment about our conversations. Getting to know you was definitely the highlight of my days in San Jose and I've done nothing but tell all my friends about you and your wonderful art. The creative energy of you and all the other participants was overwhelmingly what I needed in my healing process. Today is my second dose (of four) of chemo and I am looking forward to it doing its job against the cancer monster. I feel good today and I know it was from my wonderful art adventure!
Hope you go on the Yahoo group I created. Many have already joined and have uploaded workshop photos. Quite a few of you, too.
I'll be visiting your site often to see what wonderful art you have created. I do so cherish the caricature you drew of me and I'm taking it to get good copies made.
Hugs and strength to you, sweetie!

Tad Barney said...

Just noticed the "Over the Rhine on my iPod". You ROCK girl!! :)