Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reaching for...
I am impressed by the amount of definitions attributed to the word "reach". How wonderful that a simple 5 letter word can adapt itself to millions of sentences, each with its own flavor of the word.
My favorites:
  • To make an excessive effort, as in drawing a conclusion or making a joke
  • To have extension in space or time: a coat that reaches to the knee; a career that reached over several decades.
  • To succeed in getting in contact with or communicating with: They reached us by phone. Our newsletter reaches a specialized readership.
  • An expanse: a reach of prairie; the lower reaches of the food chain.
  • To try to grasp or touch something: reached for a book.
I always need to be reaching for something...


SEILER said...

Right on Cathy.

Caricature Girl said...

thanks Jason!