Sunday, September 17, 2006

Another fun and busy drawing weekend!

Saturday morning and afternoon I took part in the National Esso United Way Day Campaign as one of many caricature artists across the country, set up at Esso stations, drawing customers, volunteers and employees. Here in Edmonton it was FREEZING cold and rainy but at least it didn't snow like it did in Calgary!

In the evening it was off to the Shaw Conference Centre with Lara for our inaugural Butt Doodling Gig! The event was for Canadian Tire and what an event! I've done a lot of drawing at this particular venue but I must say that the transformation of Hall D into a Las Vegas Casino was absolutely stunning! Chandeliers, poker tables, huge fake recreations of world landmarks, palm trees...Truly AMAZING!

Although we found that people were a little shy at first to show us their backsides, Elvis quickly stepped in to break the ice and get the Butt line rolling. Thanks to all our courageous victims, especially those who weren't even aware that we were drawing them until we tapped them on the shoulder and gave them the sketch! All in all, a FANTASTIC night!

...And don't worry, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...

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