Monday, September 04, 2006

The busiest post—Edmonton Fringe week ever! There has been no time to clean the house or buy those grade 4 school supplies, what with drawing gigs every lunch hour at the Shepherd's Care facilities around town (staff pictures to celebrate their 35th Anniversary), and then one evening gig at the Sawmill restaurant for (some special staff members of) WJS Alberta.

Then off to Kelowna, B.C. for a small holiday and to draw at a wedding on Saturday, Sept.2. Great weather, amazing starlit skies from the top of the mountain at Beaver Lake and fun times! Congrats to Corinne and Robert—have a wonderful time on your honeymoon in San Francisco!

Hey BTW, thanks to whoever upgraded our Banff Hostel Room for us—loft, skylight—very nice! (If you are ever at the hostel, check out the waterslides across the road—what a blast!)

Also, if anyone finds my keys somewhere between here and Kelowna...let me know.

Well, the school supplies are bought, now to clean the house...tomorrow.

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jen said...

YOU are my new hero -- when i get my butt in gear and start my own blog will you read it??? please???

inspirational -- plus way fun!

YAY cathy!