Thursday, March 11, 2010

Apparently in yoga,
there is an area in our bodies that can not be reached or "opened" by any yoga position (asana). It is located in the centre/middle of our back and is referred to as the dead space. I recently experienced a sharp pain in that area on my back and intuitively felt that it was relating to something beyond purely a physical result of the chair I had been sitting in. So, of course, like everything, it leads me to question the correlation that has to my life.

I think our lives themselves, each have a dead space in them... a place that can't be reached or stimulated by our regular, daily life. I am not sure if the essence of that space is the same for everyone or even if its consistently the same throughout our own lives. One thing that I feel it could be related to though, is the need for connection...the need to feel desire and to feel desired. We are social creatures and even with the varying degrees of intro/extroversion, the boundaries of committed relationships and the cultural expectations of behaviour that go with them, that particular need lies within all of us.

In yoga, the only way to stimulate that dead space area in your body is to have someone gently tap that place on your back with their hand. Apparently that experience then ignites the area, bringing it momentarily alive.

Perhaps our lives need that same gentle tapping sometimes,
for us to experience being completely open and alive.


bassetbabies said...

This is completely beautiful. What yoga doesn't account for is nature's uncontrollables for all things beyond oneself. There is an art in waiting for someone to show up to scratch your back. Fluidity, quoting the above, is in the not-waiting...maybe. I think that's what the buddhist call zen. A philosophy invented by impatient housewives.

Chasing Purple Dreams said...

I do hope any creative dead space you are harbouring is tapped gently by the connections you will make over at Kelly’s.