Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dear Ry,
Up until 12 years ago today...
I thought having children would not change me or my life that much...and then you arrived. You were born on March 26, 1997— a warm spring morning, at our home in Toronto, Ontario, on Howland Ave.

You are an amazing, intense, brilliant, contradictory, talented, demanding, passionate, highly sensitive (but with such a hard shell of indifference sometimes its difficult to see) person.

In the relatively short time that you have been in my life, you have challenged:

my view of the world,
my opinions, beliefs and perceptions about parenting,
and my boundaries, my perspectives, and my limitations in my life MORE than anyone else I have ever met.

Now, as I watch you physically mature into the old soul that you have always been, I think I finally understand. All this time you have been walking beside me, leading me to the threshold of my own maturity.

Thank you for coming into my life and guiding the way.

I love you deeply.
Happy 12th birthday Ryllan.

Love mom


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celeste said...

so wonderful.
really enjoyed chatting with you at ArtFest!