Monday, March 30, 2009

Dear Tria markers,
I know this might be completely out of the blue... but...I'm breaking up with you. Yes, we have been together for 24 years and have drawn over 40,000 faces together.... but I have met someone else...someone who fulfills my needs the way you no longer do, since your most recent transformation.

In my defense, I really stood by you in the early 90's (during your first transition) know, back when all your alcohol was removed (thankfully it was not the alcohol from my life). You weren't as intense but it was also so freeing...all of a sudden I could colour on photocopies.

We had so many great years after that! Sure there were leaks in your poorly designed, refillable cartridges but I was willing to over look that because there were just so many advantages to having you in my life. You were reliable, comfortable and most importantly...refillable.

But then you changed. Suddenly Pantone colours were no longer "good enough" and you changed your whole look. You even had the gall to switch your greys around so that warm grey 1 was now warm gray 9! You also decided to make only certain colours refillable, but coincidently not the ones I need and that was just not OK with me. You really pissed me off!

Yes, you look "snazzier" with your new brush tip and clear body, but you so easily dry out and can barely make it through one of my 4 hour gigs.

I have became nervous having you with me.

Well... as of tonight, its over...and yes...I have been unfaithful. Since you changed, I have been trying out a few others on the side and finally, someone has won my heart. His name is Copic and tonight I moved him into your slots of my felt pen case.

Yes, the rumors are true, he is coming to Artfest with me—not you. Oh and guess what? ...he's "refillable".

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Tad Barney said...

LOL! I LOVE this!! You should post it on the NCN forum!