Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Here is a commission for a birthday gift I just finished tonight...

and a soccer team I drew on Sunday night...

..Just think only 27 more faces to draw from photos...
26 grade one journals to bind together,
5 live caricature gigs,
4 altered book/ journaling classes to teach,
1 altered book/ journaling workshop to prep for and
1 playschool fieldtrip to attend
I go to Artfest...
we're in the Homestretch NOW!


Claudia Postiga said...

Hi, Cathy!
It´s very nice!
Im living in Portugal. How can you make a caricature for me?
Can I send you a photo and you tell me how to pay.
Please...I love your art !


Caricature Girl said...

Thanks Claudia! You can certainly send me a photo or two by email and I will reply to you about cost, size and methods of payment.